Circular Initiative 2020

Together we create circular material flows for the future


Due to the current situation with the Corona virus (Covid -19), this event has been postponed.

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Circular Initiative is a business-driven event led by Stena Recycling open to delegates by invitation only. It gathers pioneering leaders from industry, tech, business, academia, and politics. The annual event aims to initiate collaboration, highlight common goals, and support cross-company actions that will be guidelines for future sustainable and prosperous business.

We have reached a point where society demands that the industry takes responsibility. If you don’t engage in sustainability issues, you will lose both customers and staff – you will not survive as a company. But if you properly address these issues you will not only support global environmental goals – you will probably also do better business,”

Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of Investor AB

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Eric Ericssonhallen
Kyrkslingan 2, 111, 111 49 Stockholm, Sverige

An intiative led by Stena Recycling with cooperative partners:

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