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Together we create circular material flows for the future

The world as we know it has changed. The times are challenging but also full of opportunities. Collaboration, innovation and technical development are more important than ever.

Circular Initiative is a business-driven event led by Stena Recycling. It gathers pioneering leaders from industry, tech, business, academia, and politics. The annual event aims to initiate collaboration, highlight common goals, and support cross-company actions that will guide future sustainable and prosperous business.

About Circular Initiative

It started with a desire to make a difference, and with the realization that we now use more resources than the Earth can provide. We want to be part of the solution and improve the way we care for the Earth’s resources. We know, for a fact, that circular and sustainable material flows have a substantial impact on the climate. A quarter of our global annual emissions are directly connected to the production of materials.

In order to save resources, we need to close the circle and keep products and materials within the system for as long as possible.

 “No one can solve these challenges on their own. The whole idea with the Circular Initiative is to raise awareness about the topic and share information and knowledge.”

Kristofer Sundsgård, CEO of Stena Recycling Group

There is a need for cooperation, concrete plans, and bold goals. The manufacturing industry can do more to prevent waste from being generated and also take better advantage of the residual material that arises at various stages in the industry. With technological development and new, wider collaborations, resources can be saved and more circular flows created. This is a necessity in terms of conserving resources for the future.

The initiative is led by Stena Recycling, with collaborative partners from various industries.

 “We have reached a point where society demands that the industry takes responsibility. If you don’t engage in sustainability issues, you will lose both customers and staff – you will not survive as a company. But if you properly address these issues you will not only support global environmental goals – you will probably also do better business.”

Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of Investor AB