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Welcome to Circular Initiative 2021

This year’s event will take place live online on July 2nd. Our ambition is to share possibilities and challenges, to create more circular material flows and sustainable products. The overall goal is to cut down on our CO2 emissions and to take care of our resources, so that future generations can thrive and prosper.

Circular Initiative is a business-driven event, led by Stena Recycling in close collaboration with our founding partners Investor, Electrolux, Stora Enso, ABB, and Combitech. The forum gathers pioneering leaders from industry, tech, business, academia, and politics.

Eva Hamilton will guide us through the day, entailing a range of business leaders and other interesting stakeholders, sharing insights on how to contribute to a more circular way of producing products. We will get insights on how to design for recycling, new business models and collaborations, and how new technology can help us become more sustainable.

Digital expert Claudia Olsson will give us a glimpse of the future within the field of digital transformation. She’s one of the Nordic region’s most sought-after speakers on exponential technologies, future trends, leadership, and governance.

To wrap up the day a panel of industry leaders and experts will comment on the different topics on the agenda.